Green Practices at Poly Print

Poly Print, Inc. is committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, the public and the environment.

To the reach these goals, we:

  • Have developed and implemented a pollution prevention plan in compilance with relevent laws and regulations.
  • Provide employee awareness and training programs to involve all levels of production in pollution prevention planning and implementation to the maximum extent feasible.
  • Have incorporated the pollution prevention plan into management practices and procedures.
  • Use pollution prevention to reduce or eliminate the amount of toxic substances and their toxicity and in and around our facility.
  • Use pollution prevention to reduce hazardous wastes and minimize their undesirable effects on air, water and land resources.
  • Use pollution prevention to conserve resources, including energy and water.

Our management and employees are committed to continual improvement and diligently seek opportunities to improve the effectiveness of our environmental program.

Poly Print
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