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Six-Color Central Impression Press

The Schiavi Sirio six-color central impression flexographic printing press has been specifically designed to achieve consistent reproducible print quality with minimum down time.  Job change is accomplished without the use of tools, even when changing from single to two-roller applications.

The basic configuration of the SIRIO includes:

  • Printing units with interchangeable application features.
  • Advanced helical gear profile for quality printing and reduced noise.
  • Horizontal and sequential print deck throw on/off.
  • Individual print unit throw on/off.
  • Double hydraulic locking of the printing unit slides.
  • Micrometric printing pressure adjustment.
  • In-feed edge guide and bowed roller.
  • High quality, double walled, central impression cylinder, complete with cooling unit for temperature controlled water circulation.
  • Individual drying system for inter-color and over-head final tunnel.
  • Semi-automatic turret type unwinder for reels up to 800mm diameter.
  • Automatic turret type rewinder with splicing for reels up to 800mm diameter.
  • Interlocked guarding and nip protection for operator safety.
  • Systems to comply with environmental measures.

The SIRIO has been developed in its design concept to enable the use of demountable sleeves by leaving their relevant mandrels in the press.  When changing sleeves from a repeat to a same repeat, the print units are thrown off by the sequential system, enabling the gear to remain in mesh, thus drastically reducing down time, with the resultant minimal material waste.

Poly Print also runs a ten-color printing press.

Poly Print
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